Letter of the week i

Image of Letter of the week i

Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week I, they found objects beginning with I, they wrote the letter I in the air and wrote I on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island I.




Writing letter i.


The jolly I song.

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Letter of the week


Three Little Pigs

Image of Three Little Pigs

This week Little Chicks have been learning the traditional story The Three Little Pigs.


Building the brick house with blocks.               Cutting out clothes to stick on the pigs.


Putting the Wolf in different mathematical positions in, under, on, behind, in front, next ,…

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construction traditional tales Role-play Cutting skills


Cosmic yoga bugs Three Little Pigs

Image of Cosmic yoga bugs Three Little Pigs

Little Chicks followed the story of the Three Little Pigs they joined in yoga positions with Lisa. Lisa showed the children downward dog, table, chair and bowl positions.



follow the link to join in at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHm_cU5TvlM

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Chinese Dragon dance

Image of Chinese Dragon dance

Little Chicks celebrated Chinese New Year, Amy showed them how to use the fans and parasols to make a dance.

They met Dave the dragon and learnt a dragon dance.


Warm up exercises and learning dance routine.


Fans and parasols.


Dave the dragon and…

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Chinese new year Dancing


Letter of the week h

Image of Letter of the week h

Little Chicks have been learning the letter h. They have learnt the letter h song, found the letter h in the classroom using signs, wrote the letter h on their white boards, identified pictures beginning with h on the interactive board and objects in the letter h bag.




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writing Singing Letter of the week


Banana smoothies

Image of Banana smoothies

Little Chicks made banana smoothies.




Blending the banana and milk together.






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healthy snack time


The Story of the Chinese zodiac by Dawn Casey

Image of The Story of the Chinese zodiac by Dawn Casey

Little Chicks listened to the story The story of the Chinese zodiac by Dawn Casey.

Miss Taylor “Can you retell some of the story and a character that was in the story.”

River “They made a calendar, a tiger.”

Aurelia “The Monkey, the rat pushed the cat

Hunter “Is a dog, there’s a…

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Chinese new year retelling story


Little Chicks number 7

Image of Little Chicks number 7

Little Chicks have learning the number 7, they have been layering the number 7 song, writing number 7 on the interactive board, finding number 7 in the classroom, counting out to number 7 and putting numbers in order 0-7.

follow number 7 - number songs for StoryBots 

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writing Singing follow instruction number


Open Afternoon

Image of Open Afternoon

It was lovely to see so many parents attending our open afternoon. Sorry if your child wasn’t is Little Chicks today we will endeavour to ensure the next one is on a different day.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children appeared to, showing you all the different activities and areas…

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Open afternoon


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Image of Celebrating Chinese New Year

Little Chicks have been celebrating Chinese New Year and learning about their customs and celebrations.


The Chinese New Year Story and the characters.



Writing Chinese letter a and numbers.               Role play the dragon.



Tasting Chinese cuisine,…

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Role-play Chinese new year number describing food


Mrs Chang’s Visit

Image of Mrs Chang’s Visit

Mrs Chung is a teaching student in school who very kindly came to talk to Little Chicks and Ducklings about Chinese New Year. She told us how they clean the house and have a nice bath with orange or grapefruit leaves in.

Mrs Chung told us how they decorate the house with lanterns, fish and…

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Understanding the World Chinese new year



Image of Prepositions

Outside this week the children are showing us their understanding of prepositions by placing the teddy, in, on, under, behind, next to, in front and through an object.



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maths Prepositions language