Physical Development

Little Chicks have been developing their physical motor skills Miss Hutchison lead them in running , walking, skipping, jumping and  negotiating going around cones.



In the afternoon Miss Taylor continued the physical movements and supported them on the large motor equipment.

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Physical development


Musical Instruments using hearing

Little Chicks have been using one of their five senses, hearing to identify a musical instrument. Mrs Stock had a bag of instruments and the same instruments on display, Little Chicks took turns to identify the sound, closing their eyes and using their ears to listen, then identify the musical…

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Speaking and Listening senses instruments


Fun in the Rain!

Little Chicks and Ducklings had fun in the rain this afternoon! 

We first made sure we all had on our puddle suits and wellies. It took us a while and some of us need to practise putting on our puddle suit, but once we were all ready we headed out onto the playground to jump and dance in the…

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outdoor learning drama


Hearing one of the five senses

Little Chicks have been looking at the sense of hearing. We listened to sounds indoors and outdoors we took turns at circle time to listen for a sound.


Miss Taylor "What can you hear?"

Hunter "The toilet flush and talking."

Henry "The tap, talking."

Rex "An aeroplane."

Ben "A…

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Speaking and Listening senses


Making Shakers

This week we have started to learn all about our senses and the sense of hearing. As the children have been finding and making lots of different sounds outside, we thought it would be good to make some shakers.


The children had to choose a container, box, tub or tube and the place…

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Creative learning listening


Our Five Senses

Little Chicks are learning all about me, this week we are looking at our five senses.


Today we looked at our sense of hearing. We listened and guessed the sound, read the book ears can hear and sang along to song I have senses.


follow link to join in five senses song 

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senses PSED Singing listening


Environmental sounds

Throughout the week Little Chicks have been listening to sounds.

They each  took a turn to listen and then find the picture card.

Monday-Welcome to the zoo

Tuesday-The garden environmental sounds

Wednesday-Environmental sounds.

Thursday-Living room…

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Throwing and Catching

Some of us this afternoon were out on the field practising our throwing and catching skills. Some were a little hesitant and closed their eyes as the ball came towards them, but I was very impressed with how many managed to catch the ball. We do need a little practise in throwing the ball back…

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Little Chick Birthday Calender

Little Chicks told one another their birthday month and date Mrs Stock went through each month and each Chick placed their candle on their birthday.

Little Chicks can wear the birthday hat on their birthday and Little Chicks sing the birthday song.




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Birthday Months of the year


Carleton Green Codes and Passport

Little Chicks were introduced to the Carleton Codes and Passport.

Confident in own ability

Achieve full potential

Responsible and reliable

Lifelong learners

Energetic and healthy






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Carleton Codes and passports


Charlie and Cheryl Chick

We introduced the Little Chicks to Charlie and Cheryl chick. They are our class helpers and visit Little Chicks at home if they have shown amazing learning. Mrs Stock read out the letter they had written to the Little Chicks.

The Little Chicks are very proud to take home Charlie or Cheryl and…

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Charlie and Cheryl Chick


Golden Rules

Little Chicks have been learning the Golden Rules.


We are kind to each other.                       We share the toys.                We tidy up.                                                   We walk in the classroom.



We are compiling a gallery of the Little Chicks…

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Golden rules