Fairytale Land Nativity Show

On Monday and Tuesday, Little Chicks, along with Ducklings, performed The Fairytale Land Nativity Show!

All of them did so fantastically well, especially with such a big audience, and i am so proud of all of them and I'm sure you are too! There was lots of brilliant singing and dancing, which…

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Elf Run

Little Chicks joined in the Elf run to raise money for Brian House this morning. They looked fab in their elf hats and did one full curcuit of the school alongside everyone else.

Thank you for all your support and sponsorship money so far.

For more photos click here: 

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On Tuesday we had a lovely afternoon watching the panto performance of Aladdin.

The children had lots of fun and there was lots of laughter involved, staff included!!

We especially enjoyed singing and dancing along to all the songs!

I am very proud that all the children sat so beautifully…

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Signing with Lewis

Yesterday we enjoyed our weekly visit from Lewis, who very kindly takes a little time out of his lessons to come in to teach us sign language.

We learnt 3 new signs, fireworks, sparklers and bonfire night, which tied in well with yesterdays events!

The children listened very carefully and 2…

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Autumn Open Afternoon

Sorry for the delayed post, technical issues were to blame!

On the last day, (Fri 19th) we opened our classroom to our families to show them all the wonderful things we get up to while we are at Little Chicks. We themed our afternoon to our topic of Autumn, with activities being planned around…

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Throwing and catching

This week in PE the children warmed up by playing a running game. The children ran around the play ground and when they were told they had to stand by a 3D shape sign, if their sign was selected all those children were out. This proved to be a popular game with both classes. 

We then practiced…

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This week at Little Chicks we have been continuing with our theme of Ourselves and our bodies.

We have been using our senses to investigate, especially our noses to identify the different smells in the pots. We have also been looking at different body parts, talking about what we use them for…

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Ducklings move in different ways

Today we changed into our full PE kit. Both yellow and Brown Ducklings were very quick getting into their PE kits but alot of children struggled with fastening buttons when getting changed back into their uniforms. Team points were given out to those who could fasten their buttons, so get…

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Reading Day

Little Chicks and Ducklings found unusual footprints in Yellow Ducklings classroom this morning. We all went on a trail of discovery as the caretaker said there was a mess on the large playground. When we got there we found a large nest! What would have a nest that big! Further investigations led…

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Our Golden Rules

At Little Chicks we have been discussing our golden rules...

1. We are kind to each other

2. We share the toys

3. We tidy up

4. We walk in the classroom

Lola and Isaac were showing their understanding of the rules perfectly this morning in the garden.

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What a day! The children have been amazing and have loved exploring their new surroundings and making new friends. Have a look at our pictures to see what we have been up too! Well done to all our new little chicks for having super smiles and last years little chicks for helping your new friends…

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Sealife Centre Trip

Yesterday Little Chicks and Ducklings joined together for our trip to the SeaLife Centre. We all had a very enjoyable day learning about different sea creatures and what we can do to help rescue and protect them. We saw different types of sharks and met Lulu the giant turtle! We found out that she…

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