Tasting our soup!

Well the soup went down a treat! Everybody tried some for snack, (even some very fussy eaters!) we were very impressed!

We enjoyed dipping some bread in and wiping the bowl clean with it! So no more excuses that they don't like vegetables!! We have photo evidence to prove…

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Making soup

As part of our topic, this morning we made some vegetable soup. We used ingredients that we had read about in our story 'Oliver's Vegetables'. After washing our hands we helped prepare carrots, potatoes, peas, beetroot, cabbage, and spinach. We even had chance to taste a few of our raw…

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Lambs Rosie and Robbie visit school

Mrs Richardson brought in two lambs from her families farm for the children to name and feed. The children chose the names Robbie and Rosie for the 3 week old lambs. The children enjoyed stroking and learning about the lambs and then helped Mrs Richardson to bottle feed them. 

Thank you Mrs…

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Our Plant Place Trip

This morning we went on a walk to the Plant Place Garden Centre. Before we set off we talked about the importance of road safety and what we needed to do to be careful around the road and cars. Then with our adults we set off. The children were exceptionally well behaved and very sensible. As…

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Baby Rabbits

Today we had a lovely treat in the form of some baby rabbits that came to visit! 

A big thankyou to James and Abigail's mummy who brought them in from home. She explained to us that their mummy rabbit had a litter of 7 and when they were born. She told us things like what they eat and how to…

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The Fairies have arrived!

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break.

We have hit the ground running here in Little Chicks and have introduced our new topic 'What's in the Garden?'. 

This morning we discovered some special visitors have moved into our classroom! Fairies!! They had left us a letter…

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Bus Visit to Carleton Green

This morning we were lucky enough to have a visit from Blackpool transport, who came and brought one of their brand new double decker buses for us to learn about. We thought of lots of questions to ask Keith the driver and learnt lots about how the bus and the trams work, how much they cost and…

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Romeo's visit

Mr Powell and Romeo came to visit us this afternoon. Mr Powell showed us how to approach and behave around Romeo and what we have to do to help keep Romeo safe and healthy. Mr Powell showed us some of the commands that Romeo has learnt and some new tricks he is learning like rolling…

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Fire engine visit

Little Chicks and Ducklings were very lucky when Ethan's dad brought his work to school. The children had great fun sitting in the fire engine, squirting the hose, watching the firemen break a branch with the cutters and watching Mrs Catterall and Miss Hutchinson having a race to see who could put…

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Train Driver Visit

Today Ducklings and Little Chicks got to listen to and ask Abigai's Uncle Andy talk about his job as a train driver. He showed us how he drove the train, the keys he used to open the doors and start the engine and the equipment he needs each day for his job. The children listened attentively and…

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Rainy Day fun!

Today, we made the most of a break in the rain by donning our puddlesuits and wellies to enjoy all the puddles on the field!

We all had a whale of a time, especially doing some races through the water! In fact there was that much water, even the puddlesuits could only keep us dry for so…

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Mud Bike

This morning, Freddie and his dad, brought in their mud bike for us all to see.

Freddie was able to tell us lots about it and showed us the special clothes he has to wear to help keep him safe. Some of us even got to try his helmet on! It was very heavy!

A big thankyou to Freddie and his…

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