From September 2022, the DfE have published clear guidance on how schools and parents should work together to ensure that children enjoy great attendance at school.


Please see the relevant documents below.  The summary table clearly outlines expectations of parents, schools and local authorities in ensuring that this happens.


Please note that our school will respond to poor attendance with a range of strategies, from celebrating excellent attendance, through to in-school support.  We will also use the Local Authority support mechanisms, including penalty notices where absolutely necessary.


Mrs Clark is responsible for supporting families to achieve and maintain good attendance.  If you require any additional support, please contact her on 01253 891228 or Mrs Deaville in the School Office.  They have an excellent range of strategies and are always happy to help.


At Carleton Green Primary School, we place a very high priority on good attendance.  We expect children to attend school every day, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so.  Regular attendance at school will give your child the best possible start in life; it helps children develop their confidence and make and keep lasting friendships; learn new skills; have fun and take part in exciting activities.  We feel that the most important way to promote good attendance is to ensure that both pupils and their parents have a positive relationship with school.


Attendance Documents