Repeating patterns

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Little Chicks have been finding different ways to make a repeating pattern. We have made A,B,A,B, using objects and A, B, C, A, B, C using objects and creating caterpillars using colours to repeat a pattern.

We followed Jack Hartman using physical movements to create a pattern and used the…

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Fleetwood town PE

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Little Chicks began by driving their cars by squeezing the ball in our hands tight so it would not drop. Trying not to bump into one another as we drove around the playground.


To stop the ball and keep it still when stationery they put one foot on the ball and outstretched their arms…

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Physical development Football


Growing Ducklings

Image of Growing Ducklings

The three ducklings have really grown over the weekend. Before we even got to the cage we could hear them chirping away.



The children very gently stocked the ducklings feathers. The thought they felt fluffy and soft.

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Creating Repeating Patterns

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This week in maths we are looking at patterns. There are patterns everywhere, on curtains, bedding, clothing, animal fur etc. We discovered we could create patterns using shapes, colours, objects, numbers and letters.

In class the children have been using objects such as Pom-poms, beads,…

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maths patterns



Image of Lambs

Today Mrs Richardson very kindly brought in two lambs from her grandad’s farm. 
The children were able to stroke the lambs, who decided they didn’t like eating grass and that the shed tasted much nicer!



Thank you Mrs Richardson for bringing in the lambs on your day off.…

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animals growth


PE Fleetwood Town

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Fleetwood Town came for Little Chicks PE lesson.

Kirean introduce the Jungle Game through this game Little Chicks learn to dribble the football and keep the ball still when stationery.


In the Jungle there were Tigers, Crocodiles, Snakes, Cheetah‘s, Flamingoes and trees. (cones)

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Letter of the week q

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Little Chicks are learning the letter of the week Q they found objects beginning with Q they wrote the letter Q in the air, they learnt the Q jolly song and wrote Q on their white boards following Captain Seasalt on treasure island Q.




follow the link 

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Handwriting Singing Letter of the week


New Arrivals

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This morning we went into the office to look at the duck eggs which arrived in School yesterday. One of the eggs had a crack and small hole in it. As we watched we could just see a little beak pecking at the shell. We would have liked to have stayed and watch but knew that it would be a while…

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On the moon

Image of On the moon

Little Chicks new topic is on the move this week we are looking at the Moon. We read the story whatever next following Baby bear to the moon and back before bathtime. 

Little Chicks role play on the moon and small world rocket ship going to the Moon.

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reading Role-play Moon and facts


Sequencing Everyday Events

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His week we are sequencing everyday events, such as washing our hands, making a cake, brushing our teeth, bedtime and morning routines, getting dressed etc. by sequencing pictures or completing sequencing jigsaws.


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Easter egg hunt

Image of Easter egg hunt

Little Chicks went on an Easter egg hunt. Miss Taylor hid the eggs around the garden and they hunted for the eggs, they took turns to reset the hunt and find the eggs.



Little Chicks took turns to play the egg and spoon race, balancing the egg on the spoon around the outdoor…

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Easter playground games balancing


Easter story

Image of Easter story

Little Chicks have been learning the Easter story.

What happened in the Easter story.

William “Jesus got tied up.”

Hugh “Jesus died his body got put in a cave, he dried out he got kept in a cave so anyone couldn’t see him.”

Georgia “The man got Jesus.”

Elizabeth “He couldn’t escape…

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Easter healthy snack time