Fleetwood Town PE

Little Chicks this term will have a weekly session with Fleetwood Town this week their coach was Kirean. He introduced a game called Jungle. Kirean used cones to represent animals of the jungle. Trees (white cone) Lions (red cone) Tigers (orange cone) Snakes (green cone) Elephants (yellow cone) Little Chicks had to dribble the ball avoiding the jungle animals to the other side of the jungle, then stand like an aeroplane supporting the ball with one foot, turn around and go back through the jungle avoiding the trees and the animals. Little chicks completed this for each animal introduced, at the end a monkey was chosen they had to stand in the middle of the jungle and try to intercept Little Chicks going through the jungle and take their ball. Once caught they became a monkey and had to catch other Little Chicks until all had been caught. Little Chicks throughly enjoyed the game and learnt ball skills, to follow instructions and listen.

Right Start Safer Pedestrian Training

We have been very busy this week with our road safety. First we have to talk about how to stay safe and then we go out to the roadside and practise what we have been learning about. The aspects that we have covered are holding hands, safe places to play, Stop, Look and Listen. We are now ready to practise crossing with a grown up next week!

Symmetrical Butterflies

In maths this week we have been learning to create our own more complex patterns, including symmetrical patterns.

Outdoor PE 2022

The Ducklings have enjoyed having their PE lessons outside so far this term and the weather has been very kind to us.  They have been practising their throwing and catching skills, working cooperatively with a partner.

Ladybird Spots

Little Chicks had to choose 4 numbers and then put the corresponding spots onto the Ladybird. They counted out the spots as they placed onto the Ladybird

Butterflies The Painted Lady

The Life cycle of the Caterpillar was complete and today Little Chicks and Ducklings set them free into their habitat with hope that they will stay in the local area as it a flowered environment. The children were amazed at the life cycle and have been observing throughout the process. Look out for The Painted Lady

Ordering numbers 1-20

Little Chicks have been putting the Busy Bees in number order 1-20. Circle time we took turns to help order the Bees, then took turns individually.

Jubilee Celebrations

A fantastic day of celebrations was had by all, the Little Chicks and Ducklings enjoyed a day of fun and learning. They learnt about Queen Elizabeth reign and her role in the Monachy. We celebrated with a theme of the 1980's, learning the song Agadoo and singing to the whole school. WOW! Throughout the day Little Chicks danced and sang 80's songs. We had a Jubilee picnic and sang the National Anthem. A Joyous occasion watching the whole school perform and celebrate Jubilee.

Sow the seeds and scattter

After their visit to the Plant Place the Little Chicks collected the seeds from the garden centre and have scattered in the front of Carleton Green garden.