Kestrels Enjoy OAA and Flutes

Another busy week in School and in Kestrels! 

This week we have really enjoyed watching the KS1 and The EYFS Christmas performances as well as all the learning we have been doing. 


We have been showing off our OAA skills and showing Mr Cooper just how good we are at using as compass and…

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This Week in Robins

It has been a very busy week! The children did very well performing 'A Midwife Crisis' and they clearly enjoyed themselves! They looked lovely in their costumes. In history we worked in groups & presented information about the Great Fire of London using the headings given. The children are…

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Superstar performers!

WOW! What a week!!!

A huge well done to everyone for your amazing performances in The Midwife Crisis. 


I was so proud watching you all on the stage! You spoke clearly, sang brilliantly and had fun! 


Thank you to everyone who came to watch and for providing the amazing…

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Wrapping Frenzy!

This week the children have been wrapping Christmas 'presents' (boxes, tubes and old containers) in an open ended activity. They have absolutely loved working together to cut sellotape, paper, and place their presents under our tree. I'm sure you'll agree, the result is…

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Testing Materials

Today we were very impressed by the investigation skills in Herons! 

We had fun testing different objects to see if they could bend, twist, stretch or squeeze.

We definitely have some scientists in our class! 


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Birch

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Football fun!

Some of the Ducklings have enjoyed playing football today!

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Cheeky Elf Writing

Our cheeky elf and his adventures have certainly inspired us all to do some writing about it!

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Where is the elf today?

Look where we found our cheeky elf today! He was with our nativity characters, holding baby Jesus!

Whatever will he get up to tonight?

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A cheeky elf visits the Ducklings

This week our elf has been up to some very naughty tricks. The children have loved seeing what he's been up to through the night and writing about his antics. 

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A Midwife Crisis

Wow everyone! I am so proud of our performances of The Midwife Crisis this week!

You all did an amazing job, with super loud voices and beautiful singing!

Thank you to the support of all of our families for helping to learn lines and providing brilliant costumes.

Miss Birch and Mrs…

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A shining star!

We have been investigating how to get the light above the stable in Bethlehem to light up. We created simple electrical circuits using wires, bulbs, batteries and crocodile clips.

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Talented Artist Club

This term Art club has showcased their talents using the media of pencil. The children have learned and applied new drawing techniques and have produced some outstanding work.

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