One Elephant went out to play

Little chicks have been learning Nursery rhymes, One Elephant went out to play.


Little Chicks learning the lyrics and counting to five.


One Elephant Went Out to Play' Song - Primary Treasure Chest

follow link to hear song



Little Chicks have a role play of the spider and web…

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Rhyme Role-play Counting Singing


Nursery Rhyme Shop

Little chicks have a new role play Nursery Rhyme Shop. As part of our learning Little Chicks are learning Nursery Rhymes.


Little Chicks engage in role play being the shopkeeper or the customer. Counting out money, making order forms and delivering goods.


Little Chicks…

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Rhyme activemaths Singing social


Rhythm and Rhyme

Little Chicks play the Silly soup rhyming game. They have to sound the rhyming words and then place them in the Silly soup bowl.

They sang the song and then added the rhyming picture words to the bowl. This weeks so far we have rhyming groups have been as follows:

Wet                   …

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2D Shapes

This week Little Chicks are learning 2 D shapes. They are learning through different activities.





They used the computer shape program to match shapes.

Creativity using vegetables to print with paint.

Picture cards with shapes and they find the corresponding shape…

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ICT Shapes Creative learning Singing


Using our bodies to make a rainstorm

Little Chicks listened to rainstorms, they made their own rainstorm using their bodies.


Little Chicks followed the prompts to make a rainstorm using their bodies.


Make your own rainstorm at home.

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Active learning Singing language music and movement.


Elephants have Wrinkles

Little Chicks have been learning the song Elephants have Wrinkles. They followed the lyrics to do the actions and join in singing.



follow the link

Enjoy at home dancing and singing.

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Our bodies and labelling

Little Chicks have been supported to trace the outline of their body and then label parts of their body.

They drew parts of their body on the silhouette.

See gallery for pictures. Labelling body parts


Learn the song head, shoulders ,…

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Letter of the week W

Letter of the week is W. Little Chicks played the Silly soup game putting items in the soup bowl that begin with W.


follow link for w song

follow link for vocabulary and blending

Jolly Phonics W - YouTube



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Chinese New Year song

The Ducklings have learnt a new song all about Chinese New Year. They have played along to it with musical instruments and ribbons and danced.

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