Fleetwood Town PE

Little Chicks this term will have a weekly session with Fleetwood Town this week their coach was Kirean. He introduced a game called Jungle.

Kirean used cones to represent animals of the jungle.

Trees (white cone)

Lions (red cone)

Tigers (orange cone)


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Speaking and Listening Physical development follow instruction



Little Chicks operated the Easi-cars, they had to turn on the switch and then negotiate the road using the forward and reverse arrow keys, they were supported to change direction with verbal prompts.



Follow the link to view gallery 

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ICT Speaking and Listening follow instruction


PE/Moving in different directions/Body temperature

Little Chicks have been learning about exercise, change in body temperature and what happens when we exercise.


Warm up exercises.



Traffic light game. Red= stop, Amber= get ready to go, Green= go and change direction to go a different way helping them to learn spatial…

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human body Physical development follow instruction


Elephants have Wrinkles

Little Chicks have been learning the song Elephants have Wrinkles. They followed the lyrics to do the actions and join in singing.



follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJonGSbUWXE

Enjoy at home dancing and singing.

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dance Singing follow instruction


Counting Pizza Party

Little Chicks have been using Education.com to support their learning the program helps to learn counting, following instructions and 1-1 correspondence.

The program has other number challenges that the Little Chicks were engrossed in completing.

Follow the link to try out the program…

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maths instructions Counting follow instruction