Applying our phonics skills

The children have been applying their phonics skills in practise, to answer some silly questions!

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Handa's Surprise Story Maps

The Ducklings are enjoying the Handa's Surprise story. Some of them know it so well that they have been able to draw and label their own 'maps' of what happens throughout the story.

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Reading Games

In phonics this week we are reading ccvc and cvcc words (words beginning or ending in two consonants.) Some of us have been playing a game on the Clever touch board, blending the sounds together to read the words.

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Confident Readers

Playing games each day with our phonic skills helps us to become confident readers! 

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Applying our phonic skills

We have been showing off our phonic skills by reading lots of sentences and questions with all of the different phonemes in!

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*Doves are Investigative Readers

Doves are investigative readers because they search for clues in the text. They also make predictions and search for the meaning of words they don't know by looking them up in a dictionary.


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Whatever Next!

Retelling this familiar story, using vocabulary and language from the book! Using super expression in their reading! Ask them to tell you the story!

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This week the Robins have had lots of fun reading and learning about No-Bot by Sue Hendra. 

As part of our Robots and fantasy story topic we have been reading about the adventures of Bernard the Robot.

All of the children have been busy discussing the main characters, retelling the story…

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This week in Parrots

Please look at the photographs showing what we have been doing this week and leave your comments! We have impressed Mrs Claydon with our work on data handling: we sorted information given to us; we collected our own information and presented it in tally charts/tables; we sorted presents for Father…

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Blending sounds to read

We are getting more confident  at blending sounds together to help us read words

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Kestrels are Outdoor Readers

In kestrels we are Outdoor Readers. 

We love to read and share stories in the great outddoors. Here are some pictures of us sharing our own stories with our talk partners. 


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Tricky Words

We are doing really well at learning to read, write and make the tricky words I, no, go, to, the and into.

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