Hawks Hot-Seat

In Hawks this morning, the children got the opportunity to hot-seat characters from their English book, Kensuke's Kingdom.


What did you ask Mum, Dad, Michael and Stella? How did they feel? What did they think? What were their motives and actions?

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Reading Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our Reading day. Here are all of our favourite books!

Our dragon themed reading day was a big hit! The children enjoyed discovering a mysterious giant nest, huge muddy footprints, scorch marks, dragons eggs and dragon slime!

They loved reading dragon stories together. A…

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Our names

We have been talking about our names, the letters they begin with, what they rhyme with, clapping the rhythm of our names and making them with the magnetic letters.

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Enjoying Reading

The Ducklings enjoy reading books, both fiction and non-fiction.

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The Carleton Green Dragon Visits on Reading Day

We had a fantastic Reading Day!! First we listened to an exciting story told by Dan Worsley. After that, we listened to Mr Cooper tell us about his experience of the CG Dragon that morning. At break time we discovered that a dragon's egg had been discovered and there was real CCTV coverage of the…

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Reading day

Today we have learnt about a dragon and created a story.  We enjoyed our workshop with the author Dan Worsley.

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Welcome Back Hawks!

Hello Hawks!


Firstly, I hope you are all enjoying the extra couple of days of the Summer holiday as we have been very busy getting school and our classroom ready following the delay of our construction work.


Mrs Crooks, Mrs Macdonald and I can’t wait to see you all and hear about…

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Applying our phonics skills

The children have been applying their phonics skills in practise, to answer some silly questions!

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Handa's Surprise Story Maps

The Ducklings are enjoying the Handa's Surprise story. Some of them know it so well that they have been able to draw and label their own 'maps' of what happens throughout the story.

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Reading Games

In phonics this week we are reading ccvc and cvcc words (words beginning or ending in two consonants.) Some of us have been playing a game on the Clever touch board, blending the sounds together to read the words.

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Confident Readers

Playing games each day with our phonic skills helps us to become confident readers! 

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Applying our phonic skills

We have been showing off our phonic skills by reading lots of sentences and questions with all of the different phonemes in!

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