In Hawks, we have started learning about the disaster of the Titanic. What do you know so far?

What do you want to find?

If you have any non-fiction books about the Titanic or any other disasters, please bring them into school.

In art we created images of the Titanic sinking using a range…

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United Utilities Workshop

This week Kestrels enjoyed an interesting and interactive afternoon with Jayne from United Utilities. 

Jayne spent the afternoon teaching the children all about the water cycle and discussing different ways we can all save water around the home and school. 

The children found the afternoon…

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Wind in the Willows

In Robins we are really enjoying our new topic.

We have been busy reading Wind in the Willows and all of the children have produced some beautiful writing using adjectives and adverbs.


Also this week we have been exploring outside to find mini-beasts and we have been learning about…

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Polar Explorer Food

As part of science week this week, Herons had to explore and discover which foods would be the best to take to Polar Regions. They had to think about weight and money. They worked together ass polar explorers.


Did you complete the challenge? How? What did you find out?

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*A Volcanic Eruption

On Wednesday 24th January, the children investigated what happens during a volcanic eruption and why. We used a fizzy bottle of lemonade to demonstrate the build up of pressure in the magma chamber and re-created an eruption by shaking the lemonade and unscrewing the bottle top. We discussed that…

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Earthquake structures

In Owls we have been studying all about earthquakes.  We have learnt that there are 2 scales used for measuring the intensity of earthquakes.  The first is called the Richter scale which is recorded on a seismograph and the second is called the Mercalli scale.

We had a go at creating a…

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KS1 Wow Launch

On Friday 13th October, KS1 launched their new topic for after half term. Our next topic in KS1 will be 'Place Where I live'. We launched our new topic at Blackpool Illuminations.

Together with LKS2, we started our evening at the fish and chips shop. In small groups we then walked the…

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Doves' Field trip to Poulton Town Centre

As part of the children's topic There's No Place Like Home in Geography, the children walked in to Poulton Town Centre for their fieldtrip. While we were walking in to Poulton, the children observed their surroundings and completed a table about which human and physical features they could see.…

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Owls Poulton Field Trip

This morning we walked to Poulton and on our route we looked out for different human and physical features.  We produced a map of Poulton town centre identifying the different shops and land use in the town centre.  Also, we went into St Chad's church yard and sketched the church building using…

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Autumn Walk

On Thursday last week the Parrots went on an autumn walk. We looked for signs of seasonal change, and talked about how the days are getting shorter. We discussed the weather and how we need to wear warmer clothes. The next day we wrote a recount about our lovely…

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Our week in Parrots

Here we are playing the recorder in music. We are doing very well! We are also looking at a UK weather forecast...Blackpool is windy! We are matching the symbols to the locations. We are coming to the end of yoga in P.E. It makes us feel very relaxed and happy!

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Herons' Family Albums


We have really enjoyed the start of our Family Album topic. We have found out where we live with our families and understand the 4 countries that make up the UK. We have been in the role play area which is a home corner. We have been making our favourite family meals. We have ordered…

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