Colour mixing

Outside the Ducklings have enjoyed using the painting window to explore mixing the colour on.

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Painting Rainbows

It has been lovely to see the Ducklings exploring their creative side using the colours of the rainbow.

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Mixing Colours

Little Chicks have been mixing Primary colours to Secondary colours. They have been discovering the different colours created by mixing two colours together.



Little Chicks enjoyed the activity and learnt the different combinations.


Red + Blue = Purple

Red + Yellow =…

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Express yourself

As part of Children's Mental Health Week the Ducklings have been listening to a piece of classical music - The Four Seasons by Vivaldi and have produced artwork to show how the music has made them feel.

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art music World Mental Health Awareness Day


Doves - Art week - Modern and Roman patterns

This week we looked at patterns and textures and hunted around school and home to find interesting textures.

We then studied Laura Slater's modern patterns and had a go at creating our own.

Finally we looked at patterns on pottery in ancient Rome and designed our own amphoraes.

Here is a…

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Creative Development with our 'Space' topic

It has been great to see some children spending time on their creative ideas. We love this amazing rocket and think it is definitely worthy of a flight to the moon. Blast off, everyone!

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Hawks make Christmas Cards

Have a look at our Christmas Cards.


How did you make yours? Whose do you like and why?


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Outdoor Learning Day

Today has been our Outdoor Learning Day in Robins.  We had a fabulous day and the weather was kind to us this morning.  

We carried on learning about money and we did this outside by finding different amounts of money around the playground and then we had to work out which ones matched even…

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Parrots' Art linked to Geography

The children in Parrots learnt all about the different flags for the United Kingdom. They learnt where these countries are located on a map of the UK along with which flags belong to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Then the children used various different art techniques and re-created the…

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Robins Art & DT

This week we finished off our Art and DT.  We drew pictures of a significant Blackpool figure, Charlie Cairoli and we also made a picnic blanket.  We each designed a square of the blanket and then produced it using felt.  We were able to sew our image onto the background colour using black thread…

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Our Portraits

Look at all of our amazing drawings and paintings for our self-portraits. They make a lovely display.

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Parrots' Class Zoom with Alistair Parker

The children thoroughly enjoyed their zoom meeting with the artist Alistair Parker. He shared his artwork and discussed how he became and artist and how he creates his wonderful work. The children were amazed by his presentation and have thoroughly enjoyed recreating his artwork in class.

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