letter of the week K and Rhyming

Image of letter of the week K and Rhyming

Little Chicks have been finding objects that begin with the letter K. 

Little Chicks ahve been learning the K song.

Follow link to sing along https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqduxpaiaBM


Little Chicks have been rhyming objects from the rhyming bag.

Ball and Wall, Pear and…

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Rhyming words

Image of Rhyming words


Little Chicks have been learning to rhyme words. They used the rhyming match phonics game Cat/Hat each took turns to match two rhyming words.


Clock/Sock                                                             Duck/Truck                                                         …

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Old McDonald had a farm

Image of Old McDonald had a farm

This week Little Chicks nursery rhyme is Old McDonald had a farm. Little Chicks will be learning the rhyme and looking at the what happens on a farm.


Follow the link https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/nurseryrhymes to learn song.



The Little Chicks have been putting the farm…

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Odd one out!

Image of Odd one out!

The Ducklings have been super at using their knowledge of rhyme to spot the odd one out.

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London Bridge

Image of London Bridge

The Ducklings have enjoyed singing the nursery rhyme London Bridge and joining in with the actions during playtime.

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Letter B

Image of Letter B

Little Chicks are learning the letter B this week.


follow link for song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlYTaM1oIwU

Little Chicks looked at objects that begin with B. Little Chicks were asked what begins with B?

They came up with many B…

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One Elephant went out to play

Image of One Elephant went out to play

Little chicks have been learning Nursery rhymes, One Elephant went out to play.


Little Chicks learning the lyrics and counting to five.


One Elephant Went Out to Play' Song - Primary Treasure Chest

follow link to hear song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQf6yWEScB8



Little Chicks have a role play of the spider and web…

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Rhyme Role-play Counting Singing


Write a rhyme

Image of Write a rhyme

Here are some of the Ducklings using their phonics knowledge confidently to help them spell simple rhyming words such as cat, hat, bat and rat!

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Cake bake

Image of Cake bake

This week we have been learning all about rhyme. The children enjoyed playing a cake baking game, whereby only words that rhyme can be the ingredients to bake the cake!

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Rhyme ICT


Finding the rhyming pairs

Image of Finding the rhyming pairs

The Ducklings have been working with their friends to match the rhyming pairs, such as boat and coat and tie and pie.

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Nursery Rhyme Shop

Image of Nursery Rhyme Shop

Little chicks have a new role play Nursery Rhyme Shop. As part of our learning Little Chicks are learning Nursery Rhymes.


Little Chicks engage in role play being the shopkeeper or the customer. Counting out money, making order forms and delivering goods.


Little Chicks…

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Number 5

Image of Number 5

Little Chicks have been learning number 5.

Finding five flowers                       Finding the pen with five Llamas                                


  Little Chicks worked out to share five leaves how many does a Little Chick have when shared, one each.




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