Making a railway bridge

The Ducklings have been investigating how to build a bridge strong enough to carry a train, using pasta and play dough.

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Making trains

The Ducklings have been making junk model trains and enjoying reading the story The Train Ride.

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Eating like a Viking!

Hawks enjoyed trying the different Viking recipes they had made earlier in the day.

They tried a traditional cake, baked apples and a hot drink.


What did you think about the Mor Monsen kake? Did you enjoy the baked apples? How was the hot pear, apple and honey drink? Which recipes would…

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Cooking like a Viking!

We started out Viking topic off by cooking like a Viking.

All of Hawks went to the Wing to cook like Vikings. Together we baked a Mor Monsen Kake. We made baked apples. We also made a hot pear, apple and honey drink.


What did you make? What did you enjoy about the lesson? Did you find…

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The Vikings are arriving!

The Vikings are arriving!


Last week, Hawks launched their new topic of the Vikings!

We saw the front of a longboat in the foyer of school and the outline of a longboat upstairs in the corridor.

We started off the day by finding out all about Viking longboats. In pairs, we then…

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Y3 Roman Day

This afternoon we explored the sounds some musical instruments make in order to create a piece of music to depict a Roman battle. We then used this music to create a "battle/ invasion" dance. The Yellow Team were the Romans, as you can see from their victorious stance. 

In the wing we created…

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An exciting start to the year

It has been a very exciting start to the Doves' year. Jordan 

We made Shields. Ruben. 

We made mozaics. Nathaniel

Mr Cooper made a camp fire and we cooked potatoes on it. Evie. 

We had a Roman invasion. Hannah 

Some really fun stuff has been going on. Max

We tried some Roman…

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A house for the three little pigs

We have been using junk materials to build homes for the three little pigs.

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Kestrels - D.T. project work - materials required

On Thursday and Friday of next week (18th and 19th October) Kestrels class will be making some models as part of our D.T> and Science work. 

Please can you try and collect over the weekend and early next week as much material as you can and bring into school on Thursday. 

Material that will…

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Roaring rockets!

What amazing rockets you have been busy making at home!

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Making Aliens

We have worked with a friend to create junk model aliens.

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Earthquake structures

In Owls we have been studying all about earthquakes.  We have learnt that there are 2 scales used for measuring the intensity of earthquakes.  The first is called the Richter scale which is recorded on a seismograph and the second is called the Mercalli scale.

We had a go at creating a…

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