A house for the three little pigs

We have been using junk materials to build homes for the three little pigs.

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Kestrels - D.T. project work - materials required

On Thursday and Friday of next week (18th and 19th October) Kestrels class will be making some models as part of our D.T> and Science work. 

Please can you try and collect over the weekend and early next week as much material as you can and bring into school on Thursday. 

Material that will…

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Roaring rockets!

What amazing rockets you have been busy making at home!

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Making Aliens

We have worked with a friend to create junk model aliens.

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Earthquake structures

In Owls we have been studying all about earthquakes.  We have learnt that there are 2 scales used for measuring the intensity of earthquakes.  The first is called the Richter scale which is recorded on a seismograph and the second is called the Mercalli scale.

We had a go at creating a…

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Herons make robots

Herons have used different construction materials to make robots. This week they are going to use junk modelling materials to make them.


Whose is your favourite robot? What did you use to make your robot? What robot features did your robot have?


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Robot Workshop

As part of D&T topic, this week the Robins have started using their design sheets to build their very own robots.

Thank you to all of the Robins for bringing in lots of recyclable materials. We certainly had lots of fun building our designs.

All of the children thought carefully about how…

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Herons were inspired by Alistair Parker

On the 4th and 5th Januray, Herons class studied a local artist called Alistair Parker. The children learnt a lot about him as an artist and then in particular studying his pieces of artwork that were based around our local area Blackpool. The children were very excited when they found out he was…

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Christmas Maths Decoration

In class this week, Herons had been sent a challenge from Mrs McGrath to create a Christmas decoration using natural objects. They had to plan and design their decoration using their measuring skills. The children have had a fantastic week using different measuring equipment to measure the…

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Blackpool Display

Our whole school focus has been on location. In KS1 we have been looking at our local location of Blackpool. In Herons we studied and found out about Blackpool. We then found out a lot of facts about the piers in Blackpool. As a class we made a pier. In the hall KS1 created a Blackpool display.…

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Fruit Smoothies

This afternoon we have made fruit smoothies.  This has ended our week of Sport and Healthy Living week.  Our smoothies contained a range of fruit including, strawberries, nectarine, peach, grapes, orange, banana and water.  We thought they were delicious.  What fruits would you put in your…

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Floating Boats

Parrots had lots of fun making boats as part of our 'Buckets & Spades' topic. The boats were strong, waterproof & they all floated very easily! This is because for their size the boats were light!

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