What did Buddy do last week?

Last week Buddy was found in a new home he had designed for himself. He was found in the reading corner reading a book about writing a letter to Santa. Buddy went on strike for two days and then wanted a snowball fight.


What will Buddy do this week? What was your favouirte thing Buddy did…

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Buddy eats the Advent chocolate!

Buddy had a mission sent  by Father Christmas to deliver Advent calendars, but when we turned up to school there was chocolates all over the classroom floor. We could not believe that he ate the chocolates. Luckily, the cakes sent for Miss H and Mrs C hadn't been…

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Buddy the Elf has arrived today!

The children were extremely excited when they came to class this morning and found a package had been delivered. It was marked, 'first class from the North Pole'. Inside was an Elf and a letter. We had the challenge of creating a name for our Elf. As part of democracy, we each had one vote. We…

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