On Tuesday 18th April as a whole school we had an Art and RE Day. Our focus was the Easter Story and the symbols of the Holy Spirit. To start we presentented our homework, 'What does Easter mean to me?' We then looked at the symbol we has been given by Mrs Lees and Mrs Wills. Our symbol was water. We loked at water and its significance in the Easter Story and the Holy Spirit. We created printing patterns on rain drops. We did this using a range of materials such as rollers, blowing paint with straws, string and marbles. These will be dsplayed in the library area. In class we also discussed the story and focused on helping others. As a class we discussed how we have been helped by others. We then created helping hands.

Art and RE Day in Owls


What did you enjoy most about Art and RE day? What did you find out? Who has helped you and how?

Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 25 April 2017

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Amber    26 April 2017

I enjoyed blowing the paint

Bertie Moore   26 April 2017

I enjoyed blowing the paint and talking about when someone helped me. I found out how people got helped. Evie Broadbent helped me when
I broke me arm in the playground.

Poppy Roberts   26 April 2017

I really enjoyed doing art and RE it was fun

Archie Walsh   27 April 2017

I really enjoyed painting the rain drops.

Darcey   29 April 2017

ART and RE day was messy but fun

Eleanor   29 April 2017

I really enjoyed painting the rain drops. It was cool to mix different colours together.

Kayden Edwards    29 April 2017

I enjoyed blowing the paint through a straw the most and I found out that you weren't allowed to enhale paint with the straw or else you would get paint in your mouth! Finlay helped me by telling me how to use the straw because you have to do it a certain way !

Ollie R   29 April 2017

I enjoyed everything.

Thomas Healey   30 April 2017

I enjoyed using different materials to create my raindrop. Harry helped me to set up a game to play this week.

jake    1 May 2017

i enjoyed art and R.E day

Dan Thomson   1 May 2017

I really enjoyed blowing the paint across the paper using a straw.

Sam   1 May 2017

I had lots of fun.

Annabel   1 May 2017

I enjoyed showing my powerpoint to the class. I liked doing the art and learning about the Easter story and why Jesus sacrificed himself.

Finlay   2 May 2017

I liked it when we used different materials to make a rain drop and when we talked about our Easter holidays. The hardest material for me was a marble, because when you rolled it it did little dabs and went onto the table.

Dan C   2 May 2017

I enjoyed blowing paint it was fun!

Callum Woolford   2 May 2017

I enjoyed working with Luke and blowing paint with the big straws.

Georgia Hale   2 May 2017

I enjoyed making patterns !!!!

Luke   4 May 2017

I enjoyed art and re day by blowing paint all around paper

nat    9 May 2017

I liked panting the rain drops.

Harry Lowe    10 May 2017

I enjoyed Painting our raindrops with string and a Marbel.

lewis aspin 19.6.17   15 July 2017

i loved RE and ART it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun.

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