Image of A visit to where the wild things are!

A visit to where the wild things are!

Today, after reading the story, 'Where the Wild Things are,' we went on our own adventure to the 'forest' near school. Just like in the story, we had our own 'wild rumpus.' We had great fun singing, dancing, making music, exploring, pretending, climbing, balancing, swinging and rolling!! We found some signs of spring - snowdrops, daffodils and buds and also fungus growing on the trees, as well as a hibernating hedgehog in a hollow.

Image of Little Chicks PE

Little Chicks PE

Little Chicks have listened to the story Where The Wild Things Are, one Little Chick was chosen to be Max and they re-enacted movements that the Wild Things might do and then when Max says Stop, they have to sit down on the floor or freeze like a statue.

Image of Rolling, rolling, rolling!

Rolling, rolling, rolling!

The Ducklings have been practising all of the different kinds of rolls that they know - pencil roll, rock and roll, teddy bear roll, barrel roll and egg roll. They have have also been taught how to do a forward roll correctly and safely this week.

Image of Troll and Billy Goat food faces

Troll and Billy Goat food faces

As part of our topic on Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Chicks have used a choice of fruit and vegetables to design a Troll or a Billy Goat character and then gobbled it up for their snack.

Image of Little Chicks PE

Little Chicks PE

Little chicks have been learning team games, they had a warm first then they were put into two teams. The first game was to run to the cone, run back and then tag their friend, first to win when all players had took a turn. The second game was to balance the quiot on their head walk to the cone, place the quoit on the cone and run back and tag the next player. Little Chicks showed their skills at balancing, running and following instructions.

Image of Red riding hood paintings

Red riding hood paintings

Little Chicks have been reading the story Red riding hood. They have painted a picture of one of the characters in story. 

Image of Kids adventure yoga Red riding hood

Kids adventure yoga Red riding hood

Little Chicks followed the story of the Red riding hood they joined in yoga positions with Miss Steph. Miss Stephy showed the children downward dog, table, chair and bowl positions.