Image of PE Little Chicks ball skills

PE Little Chicks ball skills

Little Chicks began with warm up exercises. Stretching their body. Miss Taylor and Mrs Dale demonstrated to the Little Chicks how to guide the ball around the cones. Run back to their team and the next Chick takes their turn, first team to complete the group is the winner. Cool down exercises. Little Chicks learnt to turn take, use a ball with skill and follow instructions. Well done Little Chicks.

Image of Different types of roll in P.E

Different types of roll in P.E

This week in P.E was the start of our Fundamental Skills sessions with Kieran from Fleetwood Town. The children have learned and practised how to confidently do a teddy roll, an egg roll, a pencil roll, a barrel roll and a rock and roll. We were so impressed with how hard the children tried to improve their rolls throughout the session. A super start!

Image of PE Little Chicks ball skills.

PE Little Chicks ball skills.

Little Chicks began with warm up exercises. Creating circles, pivoting from elbow and shoulder. Little Chicks pass the ball to their partner. Team ball game red team and a yellow team, pass the ball under and through to your team mate first to the end wins. Little Chicks were competative and enjoyed the game. Cool down.

Image of Little Chicks a Winter Scene

Little Chicks a Winter Scene

Little Chicks used a variety of materials to make a college of a Winter Scene.

Image of Old toys

Old toys

We have been lucky to be able to borrow a box of old toys from a museum. We were able to handle them and try them out. We compared them to the toys that we have today. Some of us were experts!!

Image of Christmas party 2022

Christmas party 2022

We had great fun on the last day of term, playing lots of different party games during our Christmas party. There are some amazing dancers in the Ducklings!

Image of A cold snap!

A cold snap!

Well the cold weather wasn't enjoyed by some but the Ducklings loved it! What better way to explore the world around them and the changing seasons! We learned lots about freezing and melting and how we need to dress appropriately for the different types of weather.

Image of The Sleepy Shepherd

The Sleepy Shepherd

Here are some photographs of the cast of 'The Sleepy Shepherd.' They were all fantastic and so confident with their speaking parts and their singing. We were very proud of them.  We have found out that being a photographer is not an easy job!!

Image of Christmas Dinner 2022

Christmas Dinner 2022

We loved our delicious Christmas lunch. A big thank you to all of our kitchen staff for helping to make it for us and our lunches all year round.

Image of Police Officers visit us

Police Officers visit us

We loved PC Louisa and PC Scott visiting us, to talk about what they do at work each day (or night!) and some of the special equipment that they use. We loved being arrested and having a sit in the patrol car too! Lots of us would like to be police officers when we grow up!