Image of P.E 7.10.22

P.E 7.10.22

In P.E this week we have been practising our hopping skills in a range of ways. Each station is set up to enhance a particular skill and our hopping is already improving, as is our skill of jumping for distance.

Image of PE


This term Little Chicks will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Today they engaged in PE with Miss Linky. PE rules 1. Not to touch apparatus around the hall. 2. To find a space not to be able to touch their friends. 3. To stop and stand still on the word Stop. Lateral stretches, head and shoulders stretch, punches, standing on one leg, crab stance, touch elbows on the floor, ankle circles. We learnt how important it is to keep hydrated and stretch our bodies. Warm up and down and breathing. follow link to join Miss Linky.

Image of Granparents' Afternoon 3/10/22

Granparents' Afternoon 3/10/22

We were very lucky to have our Grandparents join us in school this afternoon. It was lovely to share our learning with them, as a big thank you for all that they do for us. We enjoyed taking the opportunity to find out about what life was like when they started school. The children thought of some brilliant questions to ask them and we were able to think about how school life today was similar or different to that in the past.