Image of Our First Week at School 2022

Our First Week at School 2022

We are really proud of all of our new Ducklings and how they come into school each day and settled so well. They are becoming more familiar with all of the different areas of the classroom to play and learn in, the daily routines and are starting to make new friends. Well done everyone!

Image of Our School Lunches

Our School Lunches

The Ducklings are enjoying their new yummy school lunches. They can choose from a choice of three different meal options each day and will soon become familiar with the menu and get to know what they like and don't like.  The children have been great at carrying their lunch trays, using their speaking skills to ask for their choice of dessert and to say please and thank you and clearing away their trays when they have finished.

Image of Stunning Starter

Stunning Starter

KS1 Stunning Starter. On Friday we played a variety of different Victorian games, such as; pass the slipper, roll the hoop, follow the leader, snakes and ladders, skipping and many more. The children thoroughly enjoyed it! It is to start our topic of Florence Nightingale, in which we will be looking at her life, her impact on nursing and how she is celebrated today.

Image of Fleetwood Town PE

Fleetwood Town PE

Little Chicks this term will have a weekly session with Fleetwood Town this week their coach was Kirean. He introduced a game called What time is it Mr Wolf. Little Chicks had to kick the ball the number the wolf stated, trying to get to other side of the cones before he said dinner time. Kirean adapted the game and introduced treasure and a giant, Litte Chicks had to kick the ball when the giant was sleeping, to get the giant to sleep they had to sing a lullaby, when he was sleeping they kicked the ball and collected the treasure when they got passed the giant. When he awoke Little Chicks had to go into the aeroplane postion which meant they were invisible. Little Chicks took tirns to be the giant.