Planting Green Beans

Image of Planting Green Beans

Little Chicks listenend to the story Stitch.


Little chicks have planted French beans we are discovering what plants need to grow. We have five different pots with seeds and varied components.


  1. Seeds, soil, but no water.
  2. Seeds, soil, water, placed in the dark.
  3. Seeds, soil,…

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Hawks are scientists!


On Thursday, Hawks investigated how some solids and liquids can melt, dissolve, evaporate and filtrate. Some of these changes are reversible and irreversible. 


What did you find out during these experiments? Can you explain each key word? Can you…

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Science Week in Owls

This week we have loved science week.

We have been making lots of changes with materials. 

We created dancing gloop changing a solid to a liquid or a liquid to a solid using the materials cornflower and water.

Mrs Claydon came in on Tuesday and we investigated which materials would be…

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