15 December 2019

Hawks are scientists


On Thursday, Hawks investigated how some solids and liquids can melt, dissolve, evaporate and filtrate. Some of these changes are reversible and irreversible. 


What did you find out during these experiments? Can you explain each key word? Can you give examples of some of these changes?

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Nicola   15 December 2019

During the experiment, I found out that the salt is the most effective substance to use for melting ice compared to the other ingredients which are: flour, sugar and baking powder. I also found out that the least effective substance for melting ice the quickest is flour. One of the key words is reversible which means that if you melt a solid, it can easily change back into its normal form just by leaving it out. Another key word is irreversible, which means that once you have done something to an ingredient you can't change it back to its original version.

Kemi   16 December 2019

During the experiment, I found salt was the most efficient substance that would melt frozen ice the quickest against the other substances that were tested along with the salt. I found out that butter is a reversible substance because when it is in hot water it turns to a liquid and when it cools off again it turns back into a solid and the patter goes on and on...forever. A keyword used in the experiment was irreversible. This is if you melted something and it wouldn't turn back into a solid, it would just stay as a liquid.

Kayden edwards   17 December 2019

In this experiment, I found out that salt was the best substance to melt the ice the quickest I also found out how to make a salt solution. One key words substance and that means that if you were melting ice, the salt would be the substance. I really enjoyed this science lesson.

Olivia P   19 December 2019

During this fantastic experiment,l I found out that salt if the most effective substance for icy roads compared to other ingredients which were : flour,sugar and baking powder . The least effective substance was flour. 2 Of the ket words was irreversible and reversible. Irreversible means when once you've changed something you can't change it back to its original form and reversible is you change something and then you can change it back

Finlay Gallagher   5 January 2020

During the experiments i found out that salt makes the ice turn into a liquid the quickest which is why we use it in grit so we do not skid off the road.
solid means when something is compact and is hard so it is hard to break.
liquid means when something is runny and can not be compact.
reversible means when it is a solid that you can turn into a liquid and then back into a solid.
irreversible means that you can turn a solid into a liquid but then you can not turn back into a solid.
filtrate means the bit that gets through the filter.

Amy Atherton   12 January 2020

On Thursday, I found out that the boy had a bin of salt in his backyard because it's more effective and melting ice than the other substances.

A solid is a substance that is hard. A liquid is a substance that flows, like water.
Reversible is where a substance can be changed again an again into its original state.
irrrversible is where a substance cannot be changed back.

Maisie HILL   13 January 2020

In the experiments I found out the salt was the best and in hot water the butter melted

George    15 January 2020

The aim of this experiment was to find out what melted the ice the quickest the results were that the salt melted the ice the quickest because of its grit. In the next experiment there were given two substances, butter and ice. During the experiment when the butter and salt was put into the cold water nothing happened accept the butter went half into a liquid. The salt however stayed the same since it was contained in a plastic bag. Purified-The cleanest it could be, Dissolve-Something turns into particles. Butter may be reversible if in the fridge.

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