Author Study

Over the past couple of weeks we have looking at books by the author Anthony Browne.  We have looked at the characters in Gorilla, Willy the Wimp and Silly Billy.  We used the story Gorilla to make up our own story using this as an idea of a toy coming to life.  We also learnt some interesting…

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What a Week!

Well, we have been back to school a week and it has certainly been busy!  We have started our learning about the continents and oceans of the world linked to our topic.  We have also begun to look at books written by the author Anthony Browne.  We will be looking at his style of writing and trying…

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Sun and Shadows in Science

In Science this week, the children in Robins have been investigating the position of the sun every hour during the day. They recorded this on the playground and back in class. The children have also found out why the sun in dangerous and how we need to protect themselves. Some children modelled…

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Healthy Living Week

This week has been Healthy Living Week in school were we have taken part in lots of activities. We have had a fun time on our scooters were we learned some stunts. We have designed and priced up our own scooters and we have learned about different food groups and how eating the right food and…

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Eleanor's Song

As part of her homework, Eleanor composed a song and recorded it with her Daddy accompanying her on the guitar.  The lyrics are below


Nocturnal Animals Song

by Eleanor


Nocturnal animals in the street,

Foxes dancing to the beat.

Foxes are orange and white.

Their eyes…

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Robins Teach The Ducklings

The children from the Robins class have been learning about Life Cycles in Science. The children have each created their own book on the life cycle of a frog. The children worked extremely hard on their books and can describe each stage in detail.

On Wednesday 13th May, they read their…

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As part of our topic, The Great Outdoors, we have been studying the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Last week we worked together with the rest of the children from KS1 to create pieces of art simliar to that of Andy Goldsworthy.  Do you like them?

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On Wednesday we worked with the Parrots to teach them how to use Scratch Junior on the iPads.  We taught them how to make an algorithim to make the character move across the screen.  

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Jungle Animations

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Rockets & Instructions

We have started to learn about Instructions this week.  We have read a story about a toy space man that goes to the moon in a rocket.  We then had to build a rocket using junk material and think about the process as we were making it.  We then wrote a set of instructions telling someone how we…

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Shoebox Jungles

Today we have been creating shoe boxes to make jungle scenes.  This is part of our topic and computing.  We are going to use the scenes to produce a stop animation movie about the jungle.  We will upload more photos as we finish them.

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Comenius Day

On Wednesday we had a day of writing poetry and producing 3D art.  This work was part of our Comenius project.  We looked at different gardens from our partner countries (France, Belgium, Spain and Finland) and talked about the designs of each different garden.  We then wrote a poem about…

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