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Our Inspirational Sport Star is Kieran from Fleetwood Town. Little Chicks enjoy all the football skills, games and exercises he teaches us.

Today we had Jayden for our PE lesson as Kieran was away, we will present Kieran with his certificate on his return.

Jayden introduced the Pirate game we had to go from one Island to another Island to steal the treasure and then return on our Pirate ships. This was not to be that easy as Jayden had a cannon which he used to sink the Pirate ships if tapped with the cannon your ship was sunk. You returned to the Island without the treasure. Little Chicks took turns to be the pirate with the cannon, tapping their friends.

Little Chicks showed skill, agility, weaving and ducking to get passed the Pirate’s with cannons. We discussed the importance of exercise as part of healthy living week. Follow link to view gallery.

Posted by Miss Taylor on 13 June 2023

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