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Little Chicks had a visit from Alan the Bird man, Alan showed different types of birds of prey.

Hawk from the breed harris called Sybal.

Sybal comes from Mexico

Sybal is a carnivore and hunts for prey, she has no teeth so will swallow her prey.  Sybal weighs 1kg and will lay four eggs in a year and they will be fully grown in 14 weeks.


Crown eagle called Alaska.

Alaska catches his prey by swooping low on the water and catching salmon. Alaska weighs 5kg and is aged 33years.


Snowy owl called Sparky.



Sparky is nocturnal and hunts a night for his prey he has amazing hearing skills and listens for his prey and movement he swoops in for his prey.

Little Chicks were amazed at being up close and personnel to the birds of prey and watching them swoop across the hall.


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Posted by Miss Taylor on 6 June 2023

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