As part of pur topic on Mini beasts Little Chicks have constructed a Bee Hotel. They used a plastic bottle rolled the paper and slotted inside the plastic bottle. Miss Taylor made a handle for them to hang in their garden.



Little Chicks will bring them home and it is over to families to find a pleasant place to hang the Bee hotel.

The Bee Hotel should be positioned in a sunny area, south or south-east facing and hung securely from a wall or fence using a nail or screw. It is important not to let the bee hotel swing or sway in the wind as bees are terrible at landing! Heat from the sun will help warm bees in the morning and this will also help prevent the components from going mouldy. Locate your bee hotel at least one metre above ground level, ensuring no vegetation is blocking the tunnels.

Plant bee-friendly flowers underneath your hotel to give them a nearby food source. We suggest planting a variety of flowers and plants which will provide pollen and nectar throughout the year.

Good Luck



Posted by Miss Taylor on 9 June 2022

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