Little Chicks Pirate dressing up. Little Chicks went to the Island in search of treasure.


Little Chicks made their own Pirate names first selecting their favourite colour, then their favourite animal.

Use the power point to cross reference what their name would be, the Little Chicks used their names in role play.

For example Miss Taylor favourite colour is yellow which is Master and favourite animal a cat which is Blackbeard.

Miss Taylor Pirate name is Master Blackbeard.


Little Chicks learnt some Pirate sayings see if you can learn Pirate language.


Little Chicks play Hungry Pirates the Pirates are getting hungry. Can you guide Peg to the treasure chest with the goodies? This game will help you know left and right directions.

follow link to play

Little chicks sort the jewels into the correct corresponding chest four jewels in number four chest.

Posted by Miss Taylor on 4 May 2021

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