Here are lots more examples of lovely home learning from the Yellow Ducklings.

Kaiden has been busy making his own grass head, playing phonics and spelling games, writing, reading and practising counting and writing his numbers.

Darcie has been busy too, following the school work on the home learning page. After looking at the book 'Chickens aren’t the only ones!” she went to the beach and found a dog fish egg and a shark egg. She also really enjoyed the life cycle of a frog. Brilliant egg spotting Darcie!

Rudy has been very busy too. He has been learning all about the life cycle of the sunflower and has made his own sunflowers, labelling the parts and writing a special attribute of his own on each petal. You certainly are 'funny' and 'smiley' and 'kind' Rudy. He has also read more than 60 books online!! He has been working on his phonics and spelling, number, counting and estimating skills, and his handwriting. He uses Espresso, phonics play and Education City to do his learning. Rudy has done little projects about space, a snail found in his garden and explored roses that he spotted on his bike ride!

Well done everyone. Keep learning and having fun.

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Posted by Mrs Catterall on 11 June 2020

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