As part of D&T topic, this week the Robins have started using their design sheets to build their very own robots.

Thank you to all of the Robins for bringing in lots of recyclable materials. We certainly had lots of fun building our designs.

All of the children thought carefully about how they were going to make their robot and they all worked very hard to find the best materials.

It was lovely to see the Robins helping each other, our classroom now certainly looks like a robot workshop!


What will your robot be called? What can your robot do? What was your favourite part about building your robot?

Posted by Miss Clarkson on 26 January 2018

Category: Robins

Tags: Year 2 design year 1 DT construction robots


Holly Bradbury   3 February 2018

My robot is called Mr Dotty because he's a bit dotty! He's going to be kind and he's going to clean up for me. My favourite part of building Mr Dotty was sticking him together but I really enjoyed all of it.

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