We have started our new term with a very busy week of learning!


The children have enjoyed learning about position, movement and direction in Maths. The children have been using positional language, using left and right and moving in whole turns, half turns, quarter turns and three quarter turns. 


I have enjoyed hearing about the Robins' Christmas holidays! It sounds like everyone had a fantastic Christmas and the children have produced some wonderful recounts about their Christmas day.



We have started our new topic 'Robots'. In PE we moved like robots and created some robotic dance moves. In Science we have been learning about the body and our five senses.


We have also been thinking about what makes a good citizen at Carleton Green. We will be choosing a citizen of the week every Monday. This week we have been focusing on being 'helpful'.


What did you enjoy learning about this week? Which of the five senses can you remember? How do you remember which way is left and right? Which robot dance move was your favourite?