12 December 2016

In RE, Owls have found out how Christians prepare for Christmas.


We know in Church they have Advent rings during the season of Advent.


We have found out the meaning of the Advent ring and what each candle represents to Christians.


If you had an Advent ring, what would each candle repesent each time you lit it during Advent?


What did you learn from this lesson?


What does the Advent ring mean to you?

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Sam middleton   12 December 2016

Sorry I missed it

Annabel   12 December 2016

The first candle represents my family. The second candle represents being happy because Christmas is coming. The third candle represents all my lovely toys. The fourth candle represents all the books I love to read. The main candle in the middle represents having fun with everyone.

AMBER OLIVIA BROOKS   12 December 2016

I enjoyed doing our advent ring

bertie moore   12 December 2016

My first candle would represent 'family together'. My second candle would represent 'happiness'. My third candle would represent 'love'. My fourth candle would represent 'harmony'. My fifth candle would represent 'winter'.
I learned a lot about Advent rings and what they represent in our lesson.

jake perry    12 December 2016

Advent means the countdown to christmas.

Kayden Edwards   13 December 2016

My first candle on my advent wreath would
represent hapiness, my second candle would represent love my third candle would represent gladness and my fourth candle would represent health and my fith candle represents christmas day.

Finlay   13 December 2016

Every candle is lit on each Sunday
To me the outside candles mean love, friendship, support and family. The central candle means it is Christmas.

Leo   13 December 2016

I enjoyed writing about advent rings and the photo

Dan T    13 December 2016

The first candle represents hope. The second candle symbolises peace. The third candle means joy and the fourth candle represents love. Last but not least, the fifth candle symbolises Christ's birthday.

AMBER OLIVIA BROOKS   13 December 2016

I enjoyed doing our advent ring.

Layla   14 December 2016

The first candle means the 1st Sunday before Christmas, the second candle means the 2nd Sunday
near Christmas. Lastly the 3rd and the 4th means the Sundays after the other 2 Sundays before. Finally the 5th candle represents Christmas day full of joy.

Ollie Rogerson    14 December 2016

I enjoyed doing the advent ring because it represents what we like doing at Christmas.

Archie Walsh   15 December 2016

I really enjoyed lifting up the advent ring.

Thomas Healey   18 December 2016

I enjoyed learning about what each candle on the ring means.

Abbie   18 December 2016

I wish a was there

Eleanor   20 December 2016

In my advent ring the First candle would represent Happiness, the second candle represents life, the third represents joy, the forth candle represents love and the fifth represents my family.

natalie michalbach    20 December 2016

I LOVED the lesson.

Georgia Hale   2 January 2017

In the advent ring the first candle represents happiness, the second candle represents hope, the third candle represents joy, the forth candle represents love and the fifth candle represents being together with my family. I LOVE learning about advent! Thank you Miss Howarth! xxx

Dan C   5 January 2017

There are 5 advent candles, 1 purple, 3 pink and 1 big one in the middle that represents christmas day.

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