8 July 2020

Hawks go outside to classify plants in science.

What different groups did you find? What characteristics did they have?


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darcey   9 July 2020

i has so much fun and i found it very cool looking at different plants. I really enjoyed working with kemi !!!!!

Olivia Shaw   9 July 2020

I found that there are two different types of plant, flowering and non-flowering. In the flowering category there is flowers, trees and grass. In the non-flowering category there is moss, fern and conifers.

Kemi   12 July 2020

I found 5 different groups such as:
. Mosses
. Ferns
. Conifers
. Grasses
. Flowering plants
I also really enjoyed working with Darcey!

Olivia P   13 July 2020

I have found all of them which were:
and flowering plants. I also enjoyed working with Cara!

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