24 November 2019

Hawks do Wet Felting!


This week we did wet felting for the first time.

How did you create your design? How did you think it went? Did you have to adapt as you went?

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Olivia P   24 November 2019

With the design I created a pastel background with a O in the middle. I think it went fantastically because everyone’s finish product looked amazing and it looked like everyone worked hard in it and took time. I did adapt as I went along because at the start I was going to do a shape pattern but then I realised that the patterns were to hard.

Nicola visan   24 November 2019

Firstly, l created my design by placing Marino wool vertically two times and horizontally two times. Next I neated the sides so that will give me a more comapact area for my design and on top I added another layer of wool, to give me a background. Finally, I had to make my picture out of little strands of wool to create a rainbow. I think it went very well, considering that it was my first time doing it. During the process, I did have to change my original idea that I had.

Neme I   26 November 2019

I created my design by using sheep's wool. I think it went good. Whilst I was making my design, I had to make a little changes. I was going to do one of my drawings witch was a river going into the distance. I did it but when I looked at it I didn't like it. so I changed it . I stuck with the river but made the river go all across the wool. After that I was deciding if I should add a N to it for Neme or if I should leave it. finally, I added a N onto it.

Kemi   27 November 2019

I created my design by using merino wool for the base. I used all my favourite colours including purple, pastel pink and blue. I wanted to put the first letter of my name in the middle which is a K. I found this hard to do because I had to twist the wool to make it in the shape that I wanted. After several attempts, I managed to do it.

Kayden edwards    3 December 2019

My design was to make a burger but I thought that it was a bit too complicated so I decided to create a galaxy so that is what i did. I think it went pretty well. I had to adapt my design because it was too complicated

Olivia Shaw   6 December 2019

I made a space.
While I was making it I changed the was it looked. I moved all the planets into different spaces and added a shooting star and a moon.

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