On Tuesday 6th February, Herons performed their Robot assembly to the whole school and parents. They performed with lots of confidence and enthusisasm.


What was your favourite part of the assembly? What was your role in the assembly?


Herons Class Assembly

Posted by Mrs McEvilly on 14 February 2018

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Charlotte Wood   16 February 2018

My favourite part of the assembly was doing the robot dance with Lily Wooton. I was a dog in the assembly and a robot dancer.

Anabelle Coughlan   18 February 2018

I had to stand up and show my robot painting and explain that it was a robot. I liked it when Lily said her bit! My dad came to watch and he was really proud. He was trying to film it for Mum to watch later but my little sister was wriggling so the video wasn’t very good!!

Cole Chappell    18 February 2018

I enjoyed our assembly. I loved writing about the robot with no bottom it was my favourite story I have written. I loved dancing as a robot.

Hannah Blake   19 February 2018

I liked when I went up onto the stage and talked like a robot.I enjoyed learning a robot action dance.

Lily Wootton   20 February 2018

My part in the assembly was the monkey in the no-bot story. I had two lines and did some robot dancing. My favourite part was the song 'I've Got A Robot'.

Max B   21 February 2018

My favourite part of the assembly was when I had to say my bottom. My role was Bernard the robot.

Finlay Dickson   23 February 2018

I liked singing in front of the school. My favourite part was talking about my robot he likes cereal :)

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