This week in Parrots we were lucky enough to have a visit from author, Sarah Roberts, who wrote the story Somebody Swallowed Stanley and Somebody Crunched Colin. The stories are themed around pollution and how important it is so not litter and recycle, reduce and reuse. Parrots we extremely lucky as Sarah came into class and gave us a sneak peak of a story she is working on about grizzly bears. We had so much fun and it was amazing to meet a real life author.


This week we have been looking at names of 2D and 3D shapes and focusing on their properties. We had some trick questions in Maths that we had to look at really carefully- shapes that looked like triangles but in actual fact had more vertices when you looked closely. We have also been learning about online safety and mental health. It is so important children know the dangers of being online. We have made instruction posters, made rules, discussed who we trust and even created our own logos.


A busy week and now a week off to rest and chill! Happy half term Parrots.


Here are some photos

Parrots Fun

Posted by Mrs Davis on 10 February 2022

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