We have had a really busy half term in Parrots; I am sorry we haven't been able to upload much over the past few weeks.

This half term we have enjoyed learning all about the Lake District and Beatrix Potter. We have been looking at multiplication and division as well as statistics in Maths. We enjoyed using practical manipulatives to work out problems and give us a better understanding.

We have looked closely at bossy verbs and command sentences to help us with our persuasive leaflet writing. We looked at weather patterns in the Lake District and after watching some weather reports online we decided to create our own. We also dressed teddies for the appropriate weather too! We have looked at direction N, S, E, W and we made an outline of our school in the middle of our classroom trying to place photos in the correct place and using the correct terminology. We also played hide the teddy and had to mark it on a map in our classroom!

We have had two superb outdoor learning days where hot chocolate, camp fires and den building were all favourite activities! We sang songs, made art using natural materials and we even did some orienteering and treasure hunts.

We are such busy bees!

Well done to the STARS we have had over the last few weeks. Bonnie Ibbotson, Eva Sharpe, Darcy Davy (this week !) and Rory Angell and Max McArdle.

I will be attaching some photos over the next few days so please do check in!

Posted by Mrs Davis on 3 February 2022

Category: Parrots


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