This week we have enjoyed learning about Christianity for interfaith week and we have thought carefully about how to be kind for our Anti-Bullying week. We made a poster for Christianity and used the computers to conduct 'safe' searches; finding out information about the church and what is inside it. We also enjoyed completing a shared read on Christianity and from this writing down facts and making the posters.


In Art we have sketched landmarks from around London; we had to use our pencil lightly and take our time to add detail; this was a tricky task but we managed really well. We also decided what medium we wanted to use to create the backdrop for our Great Fire of London picture. Most of us chose to use paint for the firey colours but some of us used pastels to create the gradient effect.


Maths has been more money, money, money; we had shops and added totals, we created the same amounts using different coins and we talked about £ and pence and the difference between them. In English we read the story Lost and Found and retold us verbally and then in our books ( we talked about how the little boy shows kindness to the penguin) We also created kindness diaries and finished off our newspaper reports for the Great Fire of London. Lots of writing this week!!


Have a lovely weekend ; I will update this page tomorrow with our Star of the Week!!

STAR OF THE WEEK! Well done Eric Streetly who has worked so hard in Maths this week with his problem solving skills and money. Miss Hutchinson and I were blown away!


Parrots Week 2 Autumn 2

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