We have had such a great last week in school; lots of practical work and lots of hard work writing up our diaries. The children have worked really hard to publish their final diary extract on the tea stained paper. I was impressed with their use of time connectives, -ed endings and lots of adjectives being used to describe their feelings. 

Towards the end of the week we learnt about the features of instruction texts and we had to follow instructions to create our own paper aeroplanes! We then had a race outside with them; that was so much fun. After learning the features we had to write a set of instructions for making our own Tudor houses. This week we had a look at Mr Davis' plans that he draws when doing architectural plans; the children enjoyed becoming architects and drawing their own plans for their houses.

We enjoyed singing London's Burning in a round with the other two classes and we practised actions and singing together. We also enjoyed learning about split digraphs by holding hands behind our friends back to show how they work!

In Maths we revisited lots of place value and addition and subtraction; please keep up the practice with place value at home as this underpins all Maths that we look at.

Our star of the week is Max McArdle; for putting in such a huge effort with his writing- keep it up Max!


Parrots Week 8


Posted by Mrs Davis on 22 October 2021

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