Parrots have had a wonderful week in school! I have attached some photos from last Friday when they were doing lots of practical subtraction and writing sentences linked to the 5W's.

This week we really enjoyed shading with pastels; using different colours to create different tones and gradients. This is all preparation for when we create our 'London's Burning' picture. We also read the story of the three little pigs and as table teams, we made notes on what was ineffective in the wooden and straw houses but what worked well for the brick house. From this we designed our own Tudor house like real Architects and thought carefully about how we were going to create them. 

We have done diary writing and hopefully next week we will be writing these up in neat on our tea-stained paper. The children have thought really carefully about time connectives and including feelings within the work too.

In Maths we carried on with subtraction; so many of the children did so well with column subtraction; even crossing ten using base 10 and then writing it down- I was blown away!

Have a lovely weekend Parrots, one more week in school- where has that first term gone?

Star of the Week- Luciana; she has been working so very hard on her writing and Maths work, putting in so much effort. Well done super star!

Parrots Week 7

Posted by Mrs Davis on 15 October 2021

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