This week in Parrots we have been learning about numbers from 0-100; looking at the 100 square and trying to place numbers as well as counting on 10 more/10 less. We have worked on number bonds to 10 - once we knew 4 + 6 = 10 we knew that 40 + 60 = 100!! We had a game of snakes and ladders to get ourselves familiar with the 100 square some more. I wonder if you could continue to practise looking at numbers to 100 and maybe having a go at writing these numbers in words e.e one, two, three...

We also enjoyed making slime and writing sentences using time connectives e.g first, next, after that and finally. Making slime was fun but messy ; Mrs Davis must be crazy! 

We have continued to learn about the Great Fire of London and why is spread so quickly; looking at the main factors that contributed to this. We learnt about the Trimurti in Hinduism and we picked our favourite God writing 'I like ____ because'

Our star of the week is Theo Minns; for always putting in a 110% effort both in school and doing his extra curricular activities outside of school. We are all proud of you Theo.

Parrots Week 5

Posted by Mrs Davis on 1 October 2021

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