16 June 2020

Today, Hawks went quizzing on Zoom for the final time as from next week we re-open for EYFS, 1 and 6! I have really enjoyed quizzing with you all each week. Year 5 and any Year 6 children who won't be returning, I will be calling you each week and Year 6, I look forward to seeing you next week!

You all really impressed me with your effort this week, I am very proud of you all. A huge well done to our 3rd place winner Maisie, joint 2nd place winners Jess and Nathaniel and our 1st place winner NICOLA!!!

What was your favourite round which was on the quiz? What was your best round which you scored the highest in? 

A happy birthday to Callen for today too! Have a lovely day and we hope it was nice for you to see your friends and teachers on your special day!

It was so lovely to see all of your smiling faces and hearing you all giggling and laughing. I really do mean it when I say, I miss you all!!! x

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Kayden Edwards   18 June 2020

I really enjoyed the flags round and the highest scoring round for me this week was the music round which I also enjoyed. I will miss these quizzes each week ! i wont be returning next week so i will wait for your call!

Mrs Crooks   19 June 2020

Hi Kayden.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the quiz and really sorry to hear that you won't be returning to school - you will be missed by us all. Please make sure that you keep in touch and I hope to be able to see you soon, even if we're just passing in the street.

Take care and best wishes to you and all your lovely family.

Mrs Crooks

Mrs McEvilly   19 June 2020

Good morning Kayden,

I am glad you enjoyed our final quiz, I have really enjoyed creating them and seeing you altogether each week, joining in.

I am sad you won't be coming back but I do understand, I look forward to our weekly chats.

Stay safe and keep up the amazing hard work.

Mrs McEvilly

Nicola Visan   19 June 2020

Good afternoon Mrs McEvilly,
I really enjoyed our zoom quiz this week, it was so nice talking to everyone and being able to see each other for the last time as I know the year 6 will be going back to school soon. I also enjoyed all of the questions that you and Mrs Crooks put together for all of us. Coming back to the questions that we did my favourite rounds on the zoom quiz were the music round, the art round, the Disney round and the flags round. Also, one of the best rounds that I scored the most points on was the spelling round. I hope that we can see each other soon and until then be sure to stay safe. Nicola Visan

Mrs McEvilly   19 June 2020

Good afternoon Nicola,
I am so glad you have really enjoyed the zoom quizzes, I have loved you taking part! I really will miss them but I will call you each week. You worked so hard with them and I am so glad you enjoyed the different rounds this week and a huge well done on winning!!!
Stay safe!!!!
Mrs McEvilly

Mrs Crooks    21 June 2020

Hi Nicola
Congratulations on winning the quiz this week. I'm glad you've been enjoying it and it's lovely to see you taking part each week. I will really miss our weekly quiz now that we're going back to school but I'm sure Mrs McEvilly will keep me updated with how all you Year 5s are getting on, when she talks to you by phone.
Keep up all the good work you're doing at home Nicola and keep safe and well. See you again soon.

Mrs Crooks

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