9 June 2020

Today, Hawks went quizzing on Zoom again!

You all really impressed me with your effort this week, I am very proud of you all. A huge well done to our 3rd place winners Olivia and Cara, joint 2nd place winners Maisie and Nathaniel and our 1st place winner JESSICA!!

What was your favourite round which was on the quiz? What was your best round which you scored the highest in? What round would you like to see in the quiz next week?

I will update our home learning page at the weekend to let you know what day and time the zoom quiz will be next week.

It was so lovely to see all of your smiling faces and hearing you all giggling and laughing. I really do mean it when I say, I miss you all!!! x

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Oliver   10 June 2020

The quiz was fun as always.
My favourite round was the sport round and it was my highest scoring round too.
I enjoyed the question ' Which CBBC show have been giving out badges for decades' because I have applied for one and I am waiting to see if I get my blue badge.
Next week I would like a flags round (Flags=Countries).

Mrs McEvilly   10 June 2020

Hi Oliver,
I am very glad you enjoyed the quiz, it is the highlight of my week.
I thought you might enjoy the sports round, well done.
Aw that is amazing, what did you do to apply for the badge?
Super ideas, I will do world flags next week, great idea!
Mrs McEvilly

Oliver   11 June 2020

For my badge I traced the Blue Peter ship and covered it in scrunched up blue tissue paper. I did this to apply for my Blue Badge.

Mrs McEvilly   11 June 2020

Sounds brilliant Oliver, please keep me updated!

Kayden Edwards   14 June 2020

Hi everyone I really enjoyed the quiz this week I scored really well. On Tuesday we should do a round on our local area

Mrs McEvilly   14 June 2020

Afternoon Kayden, I am so glad you are enjoying the quizzes. Tuesday's quiz is written but I will do a round on the local area on the next one as that is a super idea.
Mrs McEvilly

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