1 December 2019





On a frosty, cold Friday morning, Hawks started their new unit of tag-rugby. We enjoyed focusing on passing, catching and running.


What did you enjoy? What do you need to work on over the next few sessions?

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Kemi   2 December 2019

In tag rugby, I enjoyed being in a team with my friends. I feel I need to work on passing behind me.

Kayden edwards    3 December 2019

I enjoyed the running and the quick, sharp passing and need to improve my tagging other people

Olivia P   6 December 2019

I wasn’t here but I hoped you all had a fun time

Oliver Russell   7 December 2019

I enjoying tag rugby because I was good at grabbing the tags. One thing I could improve in is my stamina to be able to run and tag them for longer

RUBY Kaye    8 December 2019

I enjoyed that we got to pick who our team mates were.. And when we played rugby it wasn't raining. I need to work on catching the ball more often and going for the ball more often too

Jessica. W   10 December 2019

I enjoyed running away from the taggers in tag (it was also pretty fun telling whoever stole one of my tags what the did was illegal :D). I need to work on my ‘running while throwing’ as sometimes I accidentally just throw as I would in netball!

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