16 March 2018

We enjoyed holding and stroking the animals which George brought in to talk to us about. Mrs Claydon was a bit scared of Clive the cockatiel!


Parrots 28.2.18

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James Shaw   16 March 2018

I thought Pet Day was brilliant! I love animals and I liked it when my Mum brought Millie the dog in to the playground. My favourite animal that George brought in was Clive because he flew around the classroom and it was very funny

Zack Johns   19 March 2018

The Lizard jumped on my jumper and it tickled when it was on my hand.

Sophia Oxley   6 April 2018

I loved pet day so much! Thank you everyone for bringing in your pets to show us!

Amelie Greaves   18 April 2018

I loved pet day so much. I loved holding the spider and stroking all the animals

luke Rogerson   18 April 2018

I loved pet day so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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