8 June 2021

Dawn’s Walk

Friday 4th June was a very early start for us. We met at school at 6.45am and headed up to Bowness in a minibus kindly lent to us by Hodgson Academy. 


Our team consisted of twelve walkers: Andrew and Robert Farnworth, Susan and Molly McGrath, Judi and Philippa Stock, Rachelle Savage, Stephen Boyd, Debbie Crooks, Clare Hardman, Paul Johnston and Neil Vaughan. Supported by Andrew Stock and Stella Johnston. 

Our Journey started at Maiden Marine where Dawn and her family spent a lot of happy times on their boat with family and friends and was due to stop in Beetham. The route which was expertly navigated by Paul took us via Underbarrow, Brigsteer and Levens. 


The scenery was stunning and the weather beautiful and by 4pm we had covered the 18 miles and partook in a little light and well-deserved refreshment! Before having a delicious bbq provided by family of the team.


Day Two

A few aching feet and legs this morning, but we all scrambled onto the mini-bus, with Mandy Catterall joining us for the day. Today we had to get from Beetham to Cockerham a distance of what turned out to be a gruelling 22 miles. Our first part took us through fields and woods where the dappled shade was welcome, even if we did have to negotiate fallen trees! At Carnforth we joined the canal, following the toll path to Lancaster, with a short stop for lunch, sun screen application and blister plaster application at Hest Bank. Our trek then took us through the centre of Lancaster before re-joining the canal path to Galgate. From here Stephen assured us it was just across two fields and down a lane to Cockerham. A good six large fields, a lane, 22 miles and 50,000 steps later we were all very welcome to see the mini-bus! 

No time to take photos today!



Day Three

Sleep, food, pain killers and tiger balm has enabled us to all make it to the mini-bus. 

Once again, the sun was shining on us and spirits lifted as our goal is in sight and a few new faces to the team, Sam Lees, Sarah Taylor and Lucy Sonya for our last leg. Today’s route took us via Pilling, Knott End, Shard Bridge and back to school. From Knott End Ollie joined us for our final leg, as he had done on our very first back in Bowness. 

Shard bridge has never been such a welcome sight!


The final bridge to school where our welcoming committee, Lesley Hicks, Mandy Moss and Jenn Billington organised a superb welcome home!!

There was family, friends, colleagues, medals, food, bubbles and goodie bags!



And now I have a lot of people I need to thank. It was my idea to remember Dawn in this way, with Andrew, Robert and Aimee Farnworth’s consent and the backing of Susan McGrath and all my friends and colleagues Dawn’s Walk was created. These things take a lot of planning and organising with which I was willingly assisted by Rachelle Savage who has been my I.T. angel and t-shirt organiser, Stephen Boyd who has helped me plan the route, Debbie Crooks who arranged all the accommodation at Lancaster Uni, Paul Johnston who tested out and tweaked the route for our first day, Susan McGrath for arranging the mini-bus and Hodgson Academy for loaning us their mini-bus, my daughter Philippa who helped me plot the original route and designed the posters, Andrew Farnworth for agreeing to my idea and for the t-shirts, Clare Hardman and all of the above for checking various parts of the route, my husband Andrew and Stella Johnston for delivering and collecting us, supplying us with much needed water, food and first aid and being a very welcome sight at the end of a long day’s walk, The other members of our walking team, Robert Farnworth and Molly McGrath, our welcoming committee, Lesley Hicks, Mandy Moss and Jenn Billington, you excelled! My sister Sue, Ian and mum for feeding and watering us, our day walkers, Mandy Catterall, Sam Lees, Sarah Taylor and Lucy Soneya, and finally all our friends, family, colleagues and pupils who have donated and encouraged us on this awesome challenge a huge THANK YOU!

Judi Stock 


Our total so far with gift aid is £10,585.93 well done everyone!